Colouriser Frequently Asked Questions

Bring new life to your memories.
The easiest way to add colour to your old photos.

How does it work?

Old photos and pictures are colourised automatically using specialised machine learning technology trained using millions of real photos.

How long does it take to colourise a photo?

Colourising generally takes between 10 and 30 seconds, depending on the size and level of detail in the original photo.

Are the colours accurate?

The technology simulates colours that are realistic and authentic but may not be 100% accurate.

Does the colourised photo or picture replace the original?

No. All colourisation takes place online leaving your original intact. A new, colourised photo is produced for you to download separately.

Can I colourise old photos that are not totally black and white or have sepia tones?

Yes. The colouriser works on all photos, even faded photos that still have some colour in them. Please note that colourisation currently does not use any colour information in coloured input photos.

Can I colourise newspaper photos and pictures and plates from old books?

Yes, the colouriser works on 90% of all types of old photos and pictures.

How much does it cost to colourise my photos?

All features including the Colouriser are provided freely for your use.

Does the colourised photo have any inconsistencies?

The colourisation process sometimes produces an output that does not look perfect, such as an area of skin that is coloured like clothing, or clothing that is coloured inconsistently.

How will future generations know that the photo has been colourised?

We recommend downloading a copy of your photo as a side-by-side comparison to keep a copy of the original and colourised photo together.