Bring new life to your memories.
The easiest way to add colour to your old photos.

Quick Start Guide

Uploading an Image from your Computer

Click the Image button, select a photo from your computer, press open, and the colouriser will automatically start processing.

Note: Image files must be either JPEG/JPG or PNG.

Need to convert your photos? Recommended free online converters: Online image converter to JPEG and Online Convert image to PNG.

Uploading an Image URL

Use ⮂ or click “file upload” to toggle the upload option to Image URL.

See: How to Get an Image URL.

Paste the Image URL and click outside of the URL box and the Colouriser will instantly convert. DON’T press Enter. Pressing Enter will cause the screen to reload without colourising your link.

Downloading Result to Your Computer

Select either to Download Result or Download a side-by-side Comparison or both.

* We recommend downloading a copy of your photo as a side-by-side comparison to keep a copy of the original and colourised photo together.

Tip: Enhancing Your Photos

Sharpening your photos prior to colourising can improve details in the photo and make them more visible. Sharpening is usually required to correct unfocused images and compensate for camera shake and image blur. It can also help enhance details in older photos. You can use the Photo Editor to improve photo quality.

Example before & after sharpening:

Photo: From Cloncurry to Richmond by Cobbs Coach c. 1875. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.


If you’re experiencing difficulties, the screen is not displaying properly or pictures aren’t loading or colouring the first thing to do is to clear your cookies and cache. This will normally rectify all problems.

Instructions for clearing cookies on:  Chrome – Firefox – Safari – Internet Explorer