Encouraging, supporting and promoting interest in history and heritage.

Remembering the Past’s Mission

In an increasingly complex modern world, an age of fast information and startling clear images that pop off our screens, Remembering the Past’s mission is to foster and encourage interest within a new generation in the past.

Although the idea is simple, a colourised image has a surprisingly emotional effect: by seeing old photos in colour, people can relate to them easier, and this makes a historical picture a whole lot more powerful. 

Why do colourised pictures resonate so deeply with so many people?

Colour images have a greater impact on our visual memory.  Instead of seeing black and white or sepia photos like we’re used to in history books, after colourising, we meet people and locations from the past that feel a lot more real.

Colourising often reveals finer details that are often understated in black and white pictures. Details such as clothing and locations are brought to life, showing real moments in history as a representation of the time as seen by those who were there.

Who is colourising for?

Colourising is for people who value history and heritage, who have an open mind to a new way of viewing the past and who are looking for a fresh approach to engage people with history and heritage. 


Remembering the Past also provides the technology to colourise, repair and edit old photos without any special skills or technical expertise.  Suitable for: local history and family history societies, libraries, archives, researchers, teachers and family historians.

Note: The Colouriser uses machine learning technology that has been trained on the input of thousands of photos. Colourising turns old photos into something vivid and incredible; however, small colour imperfections may occur.

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